About Spell Well

Spell Well, LLC provides products, resources, education and tools to help people improve the quality of their lives through manifestation. We believe that when an individual’s spiritual, emotional, mental and physical health improves, they are more likely to experience alignment leading to peace and fulfillment.


We provide a safe space for people to explore these big questions around purpose, faith and development in order to facilitate alignment, build community and manifest individual and collective success. 

We believe that when we can align our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual energy toward an intention, manifestation happens.

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The physical includes our environment, our physical body and everything that impacts our five senses. The mental includes our thoughts, memories and competency. The emotional includes our feelings and trauma. The spiritual is our filter. It is our why, our compass, our set of lenses through which we view the world.

Please see the graphic below:

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Spell Well was created by Donnie Nicole Smith.

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